Keep Your Kids Safe While Letting Them Keep Their Privacy

You love and trust your child but you want a way to keep them safe on social media. Socialeyez lets you keep them safe without you accessing their social accounts!

How does it work?

We make monitoring social accounts easy!

You and your child set up a TrustAccount™ where they enter their social login information confidentially and privately with the reassurance that you wont have access to this sensitive information.

If there's ever a cause for concern, you'll receive an alert!

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Comprehensive Monitoring for

Top Social Media Platforms

We monitor the top social media platforms that your kids are interacting with.


Comprehensive Monitoring for Parents

Socialeyez content monitoring helps keep your kids safe by sending you alerts if there is a potential issue. Our monitoring allows you to make sure your kids stay safe without having to violate their trust or invade their privacy.

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At the core of every great relationship is trust! 
The TrustAccount™ gives your child the security of knowing that you will never be able to access their login information from it while giving you the peace of mind that your child is staying safe online.

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Influencer Warnings

The influencers your child follows can change how your child acts and behaves. Socialeyez can help you recognize if your child is following a potentially negative influencer.

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Automatic Scanning

Socialeyez will automatically scan for any issues such as bullying, predators, suicidal ideation, violence and more and send you a notification if an issue is detected.